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Android Access Guide

Get Started with TradPlus#

Welcome to TradPlus!This guide is for publishers who want to monetize an Android app with TradPlus.

TradPlus Mediation Monetization Steps#

  • Create a TradPlus account.
  • Create your TradPlus Apps and Ad UnitIds.
  • Integrate TradPlus SDK into your code.
  • Test your integration.

Step 1.Create a TradPlus account#

Create a free TradPlus account here.

Step 2.Create your TradPlus Apps and Ad UnitIds#

  • Open TradPlus and create an app;
  • Select the format for your ad unit;
  • Select the format for your ad unit.

Step 3.Integrate TradPlus SDK into your code#

Step 4.Test your integration#

The quickest way to enable testing is to use TradPlus-provided test ad units