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Version CodeDownload URLDateAndroid SDKiOS SDK
1.2.2Unity Plugin URL2024-05-22v10.2.0.1+v9.8.0+
1.2.1Unity Plugin URL2024-03-26v10.2.0.1+v9.8.0+
1.2.0Unity Plugin URL2024-02-27v10.2.0.1+v9.8.0+
1.1.9Unity Plugin URL2024-01-19v10.2.0.1+v9.8.0+
1.1.8Unity Plugin URL2023-11-21v10.2.0.1+v9.8.0+
1.1.7Unity Plugin URL2023-11-06v10.2.0.1 +v9.8.0 +
1.1.6Unity Plugin URL2023-10-07v10.2.0.1 +v9.7.0 +
1.1.5Unity Plugin URL2023-08-31v10.0.1.1- V10.1.0.1v9.7.0 +
1.1.2Unity Plugin URL2023-07-10v9.9.0.1 - V9.9.10.1v9.6.0
1.1.1Unity Plugin URL2023-06-14v9.8.0.1v9.3.0 - v9.5.0
1.1.0Unity Plugin URL2023-05-24v9.7.10.1 - v9.7.30.1v9.3.0 - v9.5.0
1.0.9Unity Plugin URL2023-04-28v9.3.0.1 - v9.6.20.1v9.3.0 - v9.5.0 Plugin URL2023-04-28v9.2.10.1v9.3.0 - v9.5.0 Plugin URL2023-04-11v9.1.30.1v8.7.0 - v9.2.0
1.0.8Unity Plugin URL2023-03-29v9.1.30.1v8.7.0 - v9.2.0
1.0.5Unity Plugin URL2022-12-20v9.0.0.1 v8.7.0 - v9.2.0
1.0.4Unity Plugin URL2022-11-24v8.9.10.1v8.5.0 - v8.6.0
1.0.3Unity Plugin URL2022-11-10v8.7.0.1v8.4.0
1.0.1Unity Plugin URL2022-10-19v8.6.0.1v8.3.20
1.0.0Unity Plugin URL2022-09-05v8.5.0.1v8.2.0



  • The management plug-in supports the configuration of AppLovin v12.4.1+(iOS) dynamic library
  • The management plug-in supports the configuration of InMobi v10.7.2+(iOS) dynamic library
  • Fixed AppOpen(iOS) openAutoLoadCallback not taking effect


  • The management plug-in supports the configuration of Fyber v8.2.7+(iOS) static library
  • The management plug-in supports the configuration of KwaiAds v1.0.7+(iOS) dynamic library
  • iOS initialization completion callback is changed to the main thread


  • iOS updates third-party SKAdNetworkItems list
  • Added closeAutoDestroy to Android banners and native banners


  • The management plug-in supports the configuration of Tapjoy v13.3.0+(iOS) dynamic library
  • The management plug-in supports the configuration of Bigo v4.1.1+(iOS) static library
  • The management plug-in resolve the conflict between Verve and zMatico (iOS)


  • Support compiling projects in UnityEditor environment
  • The management plug-in supports the configuration of Amazon (iOS) dynamic library


  • Adaptation version update
  • Support custom background color for banner
  • Optimize native layout templates for Android


  • The Android manager no longer automatically adds TP Exchange. Users who use TP Exchange should add and update it by themselves
  • A new ClearCallback API is added to each advertising type on iOS, which is used to close the callback of each advertising type.


  • Android fixes the problem of display failure when Banner is set to width 0 and height 50


  • Android fixes the problem of display failure on some platforms when opening the screen


  • Support app opening
  • NativeBanner default style changes


  • Compatible with Android and iOS versions
  • Optimize the callback mechanism. One loadAd() corresponds to one loaded callback. If it is not called, there will be no callback


  • Android supports interaction types
  • Fix iOS known issues
  • The test mode is optimized and the original API is abandoned; after optimization, the test mode is switched to the test mode without calling the API


  • The visualization plug-in supports the dynamic library import of iOS 4.9.1 version
  • The visualization plug-in adds the automatic addition function of iOS SKAdNetworkItems
  • GDPR built-in pop-up API usage optimization


  • Added new open test tool API
  • Adapt to iOS V9.3.0
  • Adapted to android V9.3.0.1

  • Adapted to android V9.2.10.1
  • Fix known issues

  • The visualization plug-in supports dynamic library import of iOS Fyber 8.2.0 version


  • Fix iOS known issues


  • Optimize visualization plug-in functions
  • Adapt to AndroidV9.1.30 version


  • Adapted to Android V9.1.0.1, there are API changes


  • Added isLoading callback for each type


  • Support global display callback; LGPD Brazil Privacy Policy


  • Fixed a known issue on Android, where the banner did not load ads and directly called destruction, causing a crash


  • Banner ads support the use of native tiles. Developers can set custom templates through the new API


  • Each ad type supports setting custom data before display and returning it in the relevant callback after the ad is displayed


  • Support new Plugin and optimize Unity access

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