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Basic Integration Instructions

Integration Steps#

Developers are requested to integrate according to the following steps, skipping or omission will cause the integration to fail.

Step 1: TradPlus automatic packaging platform download SDK:#

Common situationillustrate
Integrate a network, but not integrate its Adapter or comment before the source SDK goes onlineAfter the source is online, the advertisement will be unable to request successfully
The project project is AndroidX, but the development is connected to the SDK of SupportIncorrect use will lead to the possibility of Crash online.This is caused by different library files of Android X and Support.
Integrate a network, but not fully refer to itRequesting this source may cause a crash due to a missing dependency.

Step 2: SDK Configuration#

  • Update AndroidManifest.xml
  • SDK Proguard
  • Resource optimization

Step 3: SDK initialization#

Not initializing the SDK will directly affect the background statistics DAU, resulting in inaccurate data and increasing operational difficulty.

Step 4: Access specific ad types#

  • Developers who are new to advertising can refer to Google AdMob Ad Format to learn a little about different types of ads, such as what is a banner ad and where it is generally displayed in the application.

  • Each type in the document has a description of things to pay attention to, please read it thoroughly .

  • TradPlus SDK Demo

Step 5: Test#

  • TradPlus provides two testing methods for developers to test ads after integration.
  • The prerequisite for the two methods to take effect is that the developer has configured the advertisement in the background; if the advertisement is not configured, the direct request will not pull the policy.
  • The first one requires the developer to open the test mode in the TradPlus Publisher Monetization Platform
    • The TP server will issue the advertising strategy according to the application you specify to enable the test mode.
    • For example: open the advertisement of Kuaishou rewarded video with app ID 12345. The developer needs to clear the application cache first, then initialize the same application ID and request the rewarded video at the same time, and the server will directly pull the configured Kuaishou advertisement. (Tip: If the initialized application ID is wrong or other types of advertisements are requested, the pull will fail)
  • The second type of developers can directly use the test advertising space provided by the third-party platform for testing. The operation can directly add the test advertisement space provided by the third party to the TP background, and after the development clears the application cache, pull the newly configured advertisement for testing.
  • Both test methods cannot be used at the same time.