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版本日期说明 logic of data reporting known bug。、Support Baidu Template Interstitial;
2、Support Bidding of Vungle MREC and banner;
3、Support Tencent auto render banner and Draw Video Ads;
4、Support CSJ and Kuaishou Rewarded Video's "Play Again" feature;
5、Upgrade Ad Network SDK: Tencent 4.441.1311,Klevin,MyTarget 5.14.4,Baidu 9.183 ,Youdao 4.2.10;
6、Fix known bug。、Support privacy information control switch of Pangle, GDT, Kuaishou and Klevin ;2、Support Bidding of Mintegral auto render Native;
3、Add callback for Ad Show failures;
4、Add callback for Bidding failures;
5、Optimize bidding logic;
6、Fix known bug;
7、Upgrade Ad Network SDK、Provide personalized advertising interface, the application can manually turn it off or on;
2、Fix known bug、Optimize ADX native;
2、Support StartApp native;
3、Upgrade Network SDK: Mintegral(v15.8.0);
4、Fix known bug、Upgrade Ad Network SDK: Pangle, Sigmob, Admob, Applovin, Mintegral, Baidu, Kuaishou;
2、Support Sigmob native;
3、Fix known bug.、Add the interface whether the user is domestic, domestic users access only domestic servers;
2、Upgrade Ad Network SDK: Pangle(cn)、Modify the database to optimize memory usage;
2、For banner and native banner, provide an interface to return whether automatic refresh is enabled;
3、For bidding advertising sources, increase the real-time price of RMB in callback;
4、Upgrade Ad Network SDK: Pangle(cn), Youkeying, ironSource;
5、Fix known bug.、Integrate Tencent Bidding;
2、Optimize the function of custom Ad Network access;
3、Upgrade Ad Network SDK: Tencent, Pangle correlation methods of GDPR correlation methods of GDPR、Integrate TradPlus ADX, support Reward Video, Interstitial, Banner and Native;
2、Fix known bug、Upgrade ad network SDK: Klevin, Pangle, Sigmob, MTG;
2、For Tiktok ads, support the configuration of whether to have pop-up window before downloading;
3、Add eCPM Precision and eCPM Level to Callback information;
4、Support Klevin native ads;
5、Support configuration of Smaato's banner size;
6、Optimize the style of interstitial and rewarded videos of campaign ads;
7、Fix known bugs Ad Networks SDK: Pangle(cn), Kuaishou, Youlianghui, Facebook, admob;
2.Support Youlianghui's breakpoint installation and entering application download task list;
3.Fix known bug Pangle(cn) SDK to memory release issue;
2.Optimize the auto loading mechanism;
3.Optimize event tracking reporting mechanism;
4.Youlianghui: support confirmation of application download; add App information to callback of Native self rendering;
5.Fix known bugs;
6.Upgrade Ad Network SDK: Pangle, Youlianghui, Kuaishou, Sigmob. occasional timeout issues of Unity Ads for developers to customize Ad Networks;
2.Support Sigmob bidding (beta);
3.Add the Ad Scene ID to the callback information;
4.Upgrade Ad Network SDK: Pangle, Youlianghui, Kuaishou, Sigmob, Vungle, MTG, Criteo;
5.Fix known issue. Youkeying SDK: Rewarded Video, Interstitial, Splash;
2.Support StartApp: Rewarded Video, Interstitial, Banner;
3.Upgrade Ad Network SDK: Pangle(cn) v3900, Youlianghui v4.391.1261, Huawei v3.4.45.308, Unity ads v3.7.5 and so on.;
4.Fix bug. the CCPA setting method to let developers call Facebook's CCPA method directly. the interface, the developer can trigger the ad expiration detection actively;2.Upgrade the Pangle SDK; 3.Upgrade the Kuaishou SDK. multiple sizes of ChartBoost banner;2.Optimize the Ad Network SDK initialization logic;3.Add callback when image of Native ad is downloaded. Chartboost: Rewarded Video;2.Update Network SDK:Sigmob v3.2.0, Mintegral SDK v15.6.12 frequency control of AD source dimension to ad network SDK Baidu SDK, support native, banner, interstitial, rewarded video and splash;2.Integrate Vungle Bidding, support interstitial and rewarded video;3.Support native splicing splash; 4.Add Callback of ad source details:Add complete information of AD source in callback content "server to server" ad reward, such as Pangle, Youlianghui, Kuaishou, Facebook, Admob and Applovin;2. Splash ad: support multiple ad caches;3. Admob: support for interstitial rewarded video and adaptive banner;4. Update version of Pangle SDK to interstitial of cross promotion Tencent Ads:Interstitial Template2.0, Rewarded Video Template2.0, Splash ZoomOut Ads ; Support Pangle China: Splash ZoomOut Ads ; Support Kuaishou: Interstitial Huawei Ads, support Rewarded Video, Interstitial, Native and Banner packaging method of domestic ad network Mediate Smaato sdk : Add Rewarded VideoInterstitialBannerNative