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Welcom to the TradPlus platform! If you want to integrate TradPlus, please follow the stpes below.

1,Confirm the ad formats and ad networks, and download SDK.

Please choose the ad networks and download SDK

2,Create accounts on ad networks.

Please check the websites of ad networks

3,Create Apps and ad units on Tradplus platform and ad network platforms,and authorize the API.

Guidance for creating Apps and ad units on TradPlus platform

Guidance for creating Apps and ad units and authorize the API on TradPlus platform

4,Read the integration document and integrate TradPlus SDK.

TradPlus Android SDK | Andriod document

TradPlus iOS SDK | iOS document

5,Test if the ads can be shown.

6,Analyse and optimize data.


Data analysis

The funnel report

If you need any help during the integration, please contact the and we will reach you soon!