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APPs&Ad units

How to add Apps on TradPlus platform?#

1, Add Apps in the APPs&Ad units.


2, Fill in the App info and save.


*Fill in the correct info. The platform and the URL can not be changed once saved.

*If the App is published in China only, please choose No for App published.

How to add ad units on TradPlus platform?#

1, Add units for the App.


2, Fill in the unit info and save.


3, Add the ad source for the unit and fill in the ad network ID.


*If it's the first time to add an ad source from an ad network, please fill in the ad network info as well.

What are the tips for adding units?#

1, What does Capping mean?

  • Capping means the maximum number of ads a single user can see in a certain period of time.

  • Usually we suggest Uncapped.

2, What does Ads Cached mean?

  • Ads Cached means the number of ads that are ready to show when users enter the ad scenes.

  • Usually we suggest 1-3 for Ads Cached.


  • If the Ads Cached is 3, it means TradPlus SDK will send ad requests to the top 3 ad networks in the Mediation. And if the fills are less than 3, TradPlus SDK will continue sending requests to the next network, until there are 3 fills or the whole networks are sent requests.


  • When users enter the ad scenes, if there is at least 1 ad fill, TradPlus SDK will show the ad with the highest priority.

3, How to fill in the Reward Item?

It's optional and it's OK if you don't fill in the reward info.

4, How to set the Auto refresh for the banner ads?

If you set the Auto refresh on TradPlus platform, please turn off the auto refresh on ad network platforms. Also if you set the Auto refresh on ad network platforms, please turn it off on TradPlus platform.

5, How to choose Unit type for native ads?

Naitve ads contain Title,Icon,Description, and CTA button. And there are three main types:

  • Standard Native: it contains a big picture.


*Standard Native refers to Native ads on Facebook, Admob and Mopub.

  • Native banner: it contains an Icon only.


*Native banner refers to Native banner ads on Facebook and Native ads on Admob and Mopub.

  • Native draw video: it's video ads in portrait.

*Only Pangle supports Native draw video.

6, Special tips

  • If you add Pangle or Tencent ads in Ad Source, please make sure the Template Rendering or Unit Type on the TradPlus platform is consistent with that on Pangle or Tencent ads platforms.

  • If you add Youdao in Ad Source, please make sure the Style Type on the TradPlus platform is consistent with that on Youdao platform.

What is the ad unit and the ad scene?#

  • Descriptions

1, Ad scenes are the scenes for ads in the App. For example, users will be shown an interstitial ad when finish one round and are ready for next round. There can be multiple ad scenes.

2, Ad units are the units through which TradPlus request ads. You may add multiple ad units for one ad format on TradPlus platform.

  • Connections

Take rewarded videos for example:

1, If there are multiple ad scenes, and you don't need data for each ad scene, please add one ad unit.

2, If there are multiple ad scenes, and you need data for each ad scene, there are two ways:

① Add ad units for each ad scenes, which means if there are 10 ad scenes, you need to add 10 ad units(not suggested).

② Add one ad unit and relate it to the ad scenes, which means there is 1 ad unit and 10 ad scenes (suggested).


How to add ad scenes?#

1, Add the ad unit.

2, Select the ad unit and add ad scenes.


*Only rewarded videos and interstitials support Ad Scenes.